I'm Alice Schlein, a weaver in South Carolina. A few times a week I write about my weaving, Network Drafting, Amalgamation, bread baking, my morning walks, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Thanks for stopping by! Comments are welcome.



  • Echo Weave
    Based on the 1996 article in Weaver's, Issue 32. With brand new diagrams and high resolution scans of original fabrics. Pdf available for immediate download. $7. USD. Available from LoftyFiber.
  • A Crepe Is Not Just a Pancake
    52 pages of text, b&w and color diagrams, and drafts for multishaft tradle & dobby looms. Many color photos of actual cloth. Methods for drafting your own crepe weaves. Annotated bibliography. Pdf available for immediate download. $21. USD. From LoftyFiber.
  • Lampas for Shaft Looms
    Class notes from Complex Weavers Seminars 2016, newly revised and formatted, in pdf form for download. A review of methods for designing your own lampas fabrics for treadle looms, table looms, and dobbies, eight shafts and above. Over 90 color photos of actual fabrics with drafts. Includes info on pickup lampas and a lampas bibliography. View on a computer, or print out one copy for your own use. USD$21. From LoftyFiber.
  • Amalgamation: Double Your Dobby
    24-pages of text, diagrams, and color photographs, in pdf format for download. Create drafts for 8 or more shafts in half-drop or brick arrangements which would normally require twice the number of shafts. Related to network drafting, this is a technique for intermediate or advanced weavers with dobby looms or multi-shaft table looms. Includes guidelines for amalgamation with current weaving applications. View on a computer, or print out one copy for your own use. USD$21. Available from LoftyFiber.



The loveliness of a long warp. It carries you through to a new year and beyond. Here on this 4-shaft friend I am weaving towels.


The original goal was stash-busting, but I love the little rabbit holes I am getting into. Like how about just a simple point twill treadling with this pale blue cotton that refuses to get used up.


The blue yarn is too fine to use singly, so let's use the double shuttle, please.


I love it when the selvedges work out OK. That doesn't always happen. 


In the Department of Books, I have just read Riverman by Ben McGrath and Day by Michael Cunningham.

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